Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Cavalock and Friends' Dinner Odyssey

Been like two years since my last visit with the Baker-at-Home but me and the guys finally got to Kamoshita along Neil Road for dinner. Been meaning to visit the joint since the lockdown ended but never found the time till now. The food is still as good as I remembered and we tried some dished that's new to me, like the oyster shots and "Gout" Kaisendon, that's egg york rice topped with tuna, sea urchin, crab meat and crab butter. Sounds kinda decadence I know.


Knowing us guys and how we roll, a full 7-dish dinner at Kamoshita was never meant to satisfy us. Next stop was a couple blocks away to a popular late night porridge stall around Chinatown. Let's see if I can remember... that's two claypots of frog legs, one with porridge, another claypot with just liver and the fourth claypot of fish head bee hoon. Oh yah, and a plate of fried innards. Hah!  

So anayway me 87-year-old Dad spent a couple days at Seletar last week and here are some pix out of over a thousand that he took. 

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