Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cavalock and The Winter Menu Absentee

Oh geez, this was like the most gruelling nature walk yet. We talked about doing the MacRitchie Nature Trail since that day after we did the one last month from Lakeside to Bukit Timah and that was only 11km. This time we pumped it up to 15km, plus it was over "difficult terrain" with "-2 movement". That's gamer talk for how treacherous the muddy trail was especially when we were moving down slope. I ain't young no more and I think next time if we are ever gonna be doing this shit again, I'll need to carry one them hiking sticks.

Anyway we started early at 7am from Adam Road Food Centre, then we made our way to MacRitchie from there. First surprise of the day was that we had to walk through Bukit Brown cemetery, something we were not expecting to do. We definitely did not expect to be that close to all them tombstones, some were only inches away from the sidewalk and the main road. At that point, we were all very glad to have planned this hike in the morning.

Well, sweating it out in MacRitchie certainly brought back some schooldaze memories. Rather surprised to learn that the schools don't do their cross-country runs here anymore. Seems like they do it along the west coast now? Another surprise was how crowded MacRitchie was on a weekday morning. Alright, not as crowded as Orchard Road these days (pandemic? what pandemic?) but still you got large groups of students engaging in water sports and older folks out and about.

Speaking of water, I got hit by a minor bout of water retention toward the end of the our walk. That was quite unexpected. I could feel my feet swelling and when I started clenching my fists, they felt real tight and ... dare I say, looked chubby. Fortunately things were back to normal after lunch.

As much as I would have loved to experience their winter menu this year, I sat this one out as the Baker-at-Home and her friends headed to Esora for dinner last week. I think she's already been there like, five or six times at least. We were just there last month for their autumn menu. You can see they got a real pretty Christmasy theme going on. I thought that's kinda creative as well as cute.

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