Monday, December 07, 2020

Cavalock and The Maiden Spotify Download

The rain stopped just as we finished our hotpot dinner at Raffles Place and the Baker-at-Home suggested we take a little brisk stroll through Marina Bay, the floating platform before reaching Millenia Walk. Check out how the occupied rooms at Marina Bay Sands! Anyway, this here is actually part of her evening jogging route. There were the random dating couples and joggers along the way, but other than that it was a pretty quiet stretch to our destination. No nasty crowds like the ones in Orchard. I like it like that. Phase 3 be damn!

Yah, I know we need the Christmas shoppers to keep the economy going. Speaking of Christmas, it seems like I have finally got on the Spotify bandwagon after my list of Christmas songs got wiped outta my phone. No idea how that happened but I just spent the last half hour looking for Christmas songs on Spotify, including my fav politically-incorrect Christmas song Dean Martin's Baby, It's Cold Outside. Hah!

Almost forgot! Last month ended on a scrumptious note as we finally got to visit Lucky House Cantonese Private Dining again post Lockdown. Been over a year since I was here. Most memorable dish of the night has got to be the glutinous rice wrapped in crispy pork and I'm glad to see my favourite duck is still on the menu. 

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