Saturday, September 19, 2020

Cavalock and The Carpe Diem Rallyng Cry

Weekend breakfasts at Starter Lab is starting to be our thing now. The Baker-at-Home likes their menu and I like spending lazy mornings having breakfast outside the apartment with her. Their honeyed mascarpone with walnuts on toast is my go-to breakfast meal. Always liked something extra sweet to start off the day. All that followed by a leisurely saunter to Tiong Bahru to grab some fresh produce before heading home. You know you are old when you just can't wait to be back home even on the weekends. 

Speaking of old, me 86-year-old Dad recently traded in his Nikon D500 camera for a Sony mirrorless A9. Here are some of his first shots with his new toy.

Well, me Dad wasn't the Dad wasn't the only one in the family who went on a shopping spree last week. Check out my Amazon haul! Boardgames that I have eyeing for awhile and was fortunate to grab them when they went on sale on Amazon. From top to bottom, there's the Barbarian Hordes expansion to Empires of the North, Carpe Diem and Rurik: Dawn of Kiev. 

I have read many glowing reviews of Carpe Diem (Seize The Day) and after playing the game several times, I am glad to say that the hype is real and it has become one of my favourite games of all time. Plus I got it at almost half price from Singapore Amazon! Delivery the next freakin' day! This is a tile-laying game where players are rich patricians in Ancient Rome and we are all trying to build a lucrative city district by grabbing tiles in the centre of the board and laying in your area. Tiles would represent various parts of the city such as bakery, fountain or sections of a villa, vineyard or even a chicken coop. 

The rules are extremely simple, you can only move left or right, choose a tile and then decide exactly where do you want to place it. Where you place and how you connect the tiles would determine how many points you score at the end of the game. It's so simple yet deep. With multiple ways to score, I love how it tickles the brain as you try maximise your points. 

Yes, I'm trying my darnest to slip in the Carpe Diem theme into this entire post. Argh....

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