Thursday, September 03, 2020

Cavalock and The 9% Alcohol Goodness

Always a blast whenever I get to discover a new kind of booze from Japan at our local Don Don Donki. Seems like they are bringing in the pretty strong stuff, I mean we looking at 9% alcohol here. Decided to go for the Suntory Highball instead of the Kirin Sour cos highball. Have yet to crack it open but definitely will do so this month cos it's me birthday month!

So the Baker-at-Home is out for dinner with her friends and it's one of those rare moments when I'm home alone, left to my own devices and all that. Naturally it's time for a blast from the past with playlist from the 80s, or rather some rock ballads from the 80s to be exact. Watching the music videos, I'm like thinking just how old all the gorgeous big-hair supermodels in the videos are today? When I first saw the videos, I was a kid and they were like the hottest living creatures on the planet. Remember, no Internet back then. I'm sure not all of them have OD-ed ...cos... you know, coke was big during the 80s. Gawd, I'm so politically incorrect today. Hah! No, I'm not drunk yet. And No, I'm not gonna name the videos below cos where would the fun be in that?

Heheh... a little friend dropped by for a home visit in me coffee cup this afternoon. 


imp said...

I’m super tickled by the hair in the old clips. Heh

Cavalock said...

One of those rare periods in history where both genders shared the same hairdo.

imp said...

And shoulder pads. Heh