Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Cavalock and The Earth, Wind & Fire September Birthday Post

I was gonna do a collage of my dinner at Esora but reducing all them food pix into tiny little pix just ain't gonna do them justice. The Baker-at-Home and me got in at the tail-end of their Summer menu season, just a week before they switched to their Autumn menu. The last time I was there was back in June of last year. This is another amazing three-hour dinning experience that we both missed immensely  for over a year. We actually made reservations for early this year but the Lockdown started and, well, you know the rest.

That evening we decided to forgo the sake and wine tasting menu and went for a full bottle of sake instead. I'm not kidding when I say the Baker-at-Home has become sort of an amateur sake connoisseur. When we were at Mustard Seed a couple weeks ago, she went for the sake tasting menu while I nursed a cold Japanese beer instead. Anyway, with social distancing at Esora, that meant less patrons but looking at how busy the staff already were that night, it's hard to imagine how much busier they would be with more folks to serve. It's an 8-course meal sprinkled with insightful conversation nuggets with the talented staff, and that's all coming from the Baker-at-Home. I'm the introvert one in the relationship. Hah! 

Grilled Hamaguri - Chiba kujo negi, hanaho

Kue - Nagasaki eggplant, wasabina

Omi Wagyu - Okaki Farm akazu, manganji pepper

Akamutsu Donabe - Fukuoka watercress

Wasanbon Caramel ice-cream, honey truffle, sweet potato

Now no matter what folks are saying bout how beneficial it is to be working out at home, it just can't beat the gym. Yah, I'm back at the gym for bout a month now and after my first gym session, my limbs were aching and sore once again even though I have been climbing 28 floors every other day before that, lifting teeny weeny dumbbells and stretching in my tiny little apartment. All them news articles on how easy it is to be working out at home? Yah sure, it's definitely better than nothing but I think I just can't do without the equipment in the gym. Is that a bad thing? I dunno. I know it's bad for me wallet.

Yes, of cos I'm listening to this classic while I'm blogging this here article. My birthday month ain't without playing this little MTV gem.

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