Friday, January 10, 2020

Cavalock and The Brown Sugar Lovin'

Every once in awhile, I do love me some good ol' chendol. As I stumbled upon this little hawker stall over at Clementi central that dreary day, I knew the time has come for some cool brown sugar lovin'. Nothing terribly fancy, as a matter of fact, it came in a throwaway paper container. But damn, what she had on don't mean nothing to me, I just needed me a taste of that sweet brown sugar lovin' that evening. 

After three gruelling months, our wooden dining table has finally emerged from deep within Gifu Forest, crossed the Pacific Ocean, climbed up over a dozen flights of stairs and into our tiny little apartment. It's a little longer in length and slightly narrower in width. But as long as I can still game over it, that ain't a problem. Took out my terrain boards and they fit nicely.


imp said...

I’m so tickled that your terrain boards fit so nicely on the dining table! Perfect!

Cavalock said...

Oh, you'll be surprised. I measured my boards before buying the table. ;)