Saturday, January 25, 2020

Cavalock and The Early Afternoon Lunch Delight


When we read about Peranakan eatery Belimbing Superstar closing couple days ago, the Baker-at-Home immediately got our lunch sorted out for that day. After running couple of errands in the CBD area, we found ourselves standing in line outside Coconut Club.

Been ages since we been there and first time at their new location. Still as good as I remembered. My number one choice for Nasi Lemak as long as I'm fine for an early lunch. Come after 11.30am and be prepared for a crazy ass long queue. Well, fortunately since going to the gym, an early lunch is now the norm for me.

Been using the Masters Brush Cleaner that appears to be doing the job. Read bout how miniature painters are raving bout the cleaner and decided to give it a shot. Looked for it for months as it was sold out all over the island until I finally spotted it on sale at Overjoyed over at Cathay Cineplex last month. Now I'll wash them after each paint project and it does leave the brushes with a nice flowery scent.

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