Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cavalock and The Isolated Twin Lunch Stops

Back to our Kuala Lumpur all-guys road trip, on Sunday our intrepid group of seven merry married men once again Uber-ed and Grab-ed our way to no-man's land for lunch. First stop was Restoran Wei Yi in Kampung Jawa, Klang. Dry bak kut teh was our primary target and we hit it all right. And boy, did we hit it hard.

See what I mean? The restaurant's right in the middle of nowhere! Anyway good food like that, we had to remind ourselves to stop eating before we were all nicely stuffed cos Round 2 was just a ten-minute drive away. Next lunch stop that afternoon was Hing Ket Seafood Grill. From grilled lamb to herbal prawns to grilled sotong, it was all fantastic but everyone agreed that the perfectly grilled crabs were the highlight. A dish that's quite uncommon back home. I mean, we always hear about chilli crabs and black pepper crabs and even cold crabs but not much on them being grilled.

I highly recommend the above two joints for any adventurous food-obsessed individuals daring enough to cross the border in these dark times. They are not that far from each other and definitely worth the trip.

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