Friday, November 11, 2016

Cavalock and The Obligatory Cross-Border Food Collage

Well, I do this almost every other trip so here it is again, the patented food collage for this Kuala Lumpur road trip. Different experience from a couple years back when we hung out in the city but this year we headed out to the outskirts for some equally tasty and cheap local dishes.

Guess what, coming home after a weekend of cross-border eating and card gaming I found myself back on a two-day gaming spree again a few days later. I was invited to an overnight boardgame chalet session. Gotta stay, the government chalets these days are a far cry from my old school days. Pretty modern and whole lot cleaner too. No, I didn't stay overnight but I did managed to play several really cool games that I had my sights on for awhile.

Our ongoing game of Risk Legacy continued with my burning my very own Gotham City but I still lost. Busstop is a short and extremely fun Japanese game where each of us are trying to fill our buses with various kinds of passengers, the trick is each bus can only be occupied by one type of passengers.

The below Guilds of London was a hot seller back when I was in Gen Con in August but I didn't get a copy. Played it at the chalet and was pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun it was. I was initially afraid that it was gonna be a very heavy Euro game but it wasn't. Every turn you try to control as many different tiles or guilds as you can, scoring points in the process. Most points wins the game.

Also got to finally play the app-driven Mansions of Maddness 2nd edition. Wonderful Cthulhu-themed adventure co-operative boardgame where you and other players work as a group to explore a mystery mansion filled with monsters. Best part of this is the addition of the app that plays the role of the "dungeon keeper" that directs the players all over the cursed mansion.

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