Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cavalock and The Revisitation Wish List

This here is probably the hottest joint in town right now and I'm talking bout Sacha & Sons New York Deli at the Mandarin Gallery, where Wild Honey used to be. Alright take it easy, the popular brunch restaurant is still around, they just moved a unit away. So anyway, having heard of a New York deli opening here and me missing my chance to drop by one during my last visit to the Big Apple, I knew where I was gonna be having my lunch that afternoon.

Ordered the corned beef reuben with swiss cheese. Loved every bite of it including the pickles. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu cos everything sure looks good especially the latkes, chopped liver and matzo balls. I guess I'll be saying good-bye to Nassim Hill Bakery for now. Hah! Was fun while it lasted!

Hey, since it's almost the end of the year, I thought I'll do a Top 5 pick of my favourite or most memorable joints of the year. Places with great food that I enjoyed this year and where I would certainly hope to visit again next year. There's the just mentioned Sacha & Sons. Next up is the always-crowded Sunday Folks for their soft-serve desserts and I'm not saying this cos it's my friend's place who happened to also really love the Christmas fruitcakes from our tiny apartment kitchen! Then there's the recently discovered Japanese bakery Boulangerie Asanoya, can't wait to have coffee there again. Cicheti has a new menu that has me drooling over their gnocchi. Last pick is kinda difficult cos it's a toss between a Japanese restaurant or a steak house. Flipped the coin, rolled the dice and Bedrock Bar and Grill is where I hope to have dinner once more.

Cool news for the week! I finally found the ballpoint refills for my late uncle's pens. The pens are pretty old and most stationery shops like Kinokuniya no longer stock these thin refills anymore. I really like them, light-weight and they got a good balance. Thank the stars for Tokyu Hands and their fantastic pen supply selection. I also purchased a S$170 Flash Heroclix brick set (but not from Tokyu Hands!) and as a lifelong fan of the original Scarlet Speedster, I just can't get enough of the figures below that I pulled out of the 10 booster boxes. Heh, I bet what I just wrote made absolutely no sense to most of you reading this. Oh well, that's me. Once a geek, always a geek.


Pooja said...

Gotta try this place!

Cavalock said...

Yup, but it's going to real crowded now since everyone's talking about it. I'll wait till the school holidays are over and when everyone's back at work, then head back there again.