Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cavalock and The Christmas Eve Supermart Run

It's a Christmas Eve post! And what better excuse to do another little supermarket run and see what's stacking the holiday shelves at Meidi-Ya. Hey, I just wanna say that even though I do this once in a while, I'm not astrosurfing for the Japanese supermarket. I mean I wish I could but so far no freebies have headed my way! I'll even be the first to admit that their prices aren't cheap. I simply like shopping there cos they bring in cool stuff I don't find anywhere else and I just wanna share them with folks here. ;)

Starting with something cute but way outta my price range, twelve little Japanese mikans for almost S$80. Now that can of craft beer from Japan's very first micro-brewery looks mighty tempting.


First time I'm seeing gourmet chips from India on sale here or anywhere else on the island. I'm guessing they'll go really good together with some chutney like maybe mango chutney. Hmmmm... or if one prefers a more familiar selection of English Christmas snacks, McVites and Cadbury have got that covered. Back to some Japanese goodness, Royal Milk Tea was my go-to vending machine drink whenever I'm back in Tokyo but not being a fan of dark chocolate, I'll gladly give this a pass.

Some more new wildlife pix from my 81-year-old Dad, looks like this little fella will be celebrating his first Christmas pretty soon. Have a Merry Christmas Everybody!

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