Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cavalock and The Accidental Mee Rubus Power Up

Talk about your accidental foodie encounter. This is one of those times when I wasn't out looking for good food but just stumbled onto one by accident. So on some Sundays me and the guys would meet up for boardgames in Ang Mo Kio, and for the first couple of afternoons I would head to Block 721 for lunch. Always noticed there was an incredibly long queue at Rahim Muslim Food stall, so I never tried it until last week when for some weird reason there wasn't a line.

Finally had a chance to read all them reviews they had pasted up at the stall. Decided to try their signature Power Mee Rebus (not a big fan of mee rebus but my late Mom luved it so why not?) with chicken and satay sauce. And damn, it was as good as them reviews said it would be. I was at first rather wary of the generous serving of satay sauce as I was afraid it would be too spicy. But the satay sauce was really the "Power" that gave the dish the extra flavor and texture. The little crunchy peanuts and the satay spice made the difference. Plus the whole pieces of chicken (not shreds like some other places) that really made a most satisfying meal and all for less than S$4.

Spotted at Meidi-Ya earlier this week were these two very interesting beer flavors from Japan. I wouldn't mind trying the Red Miso Lager. Not at all crazy about chocolate in general so I'll stay away from the Imperial Chocolate Weizen.

Oh, one more thing! Keeping my fingers crossed, if all goes well I'll be selling some of my vintage retro stuff from the old family home at a flea market next Sunday. ;)

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