Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cavalock and The Retro Ramblings Recollection

A little warning first, this is gonna be one of those weird posts where I just ramble on bout a bunch of non-food stuff sometimes not making any sense at all cos I just ain't got the time to try any place new these last few weeks.

So it's Mother's Day weekend and it got me thinking bout how my late Mom would always tell me not to celebrate Mother's Day and that everyday should be Mother's Day if you really love your mom. She did so much for me and my Dad and wasn't into celebrating stuff like Mother's Day or birthdays. It got me thinking bout young moms today who I feel spend less time with their kids but expect more from them, as in big Mother's Day meals etc. Moms from the old days sacrificed much more for their kids and expected almost nothing in return but it's like the opposite today. Something's not right I think.

Reading bout the death of Ray Harryhausen also had me reminiscing bout my childhood. I had a wonderful, carefree childhood. I dare say much less stressful than lots of today's primary school kids. Afternoons after school were spent watching TV with my aunt. It would start with the soaps like General Hospital and Peyton Place, followed by comedies, sci-fi series or monster movies like the ones by Ray Harryhausen. Whether it's cowboys fighting dinosaurs or Sinbad's newest adventure, damn, we all know that without him there would never had been a Star Wars or Lord of The Rings movie. Where or how are kids today gonna see them classics like Jason and The Argonauts or It Came From Beneath The Sea now?

Right now when I look back on all those hours watching TV with my aunts and uncles, I'm also thinking bout "political correctness". Here's the connection. Alright so I finally watched Django Unchained last week and that kinda led me remembering how my family would use the word "negro" all the time. I mean, whenever we talked bout black actors on TV or in the news, we would always use that milder "N' word. Back then, and especially here in this part of the world, no one batted an eyelid when I used the word. Nowadays I wouldn't dare utter it, I'll just say "black". I guess what I'm trying to say is time sure messes up one's vocabulary. Hah!

Well, speaking of my old family home, here are two more retro or vintage nuggets belonging to my late uncle that I'm actually trying to sell on my Facebook. These are United Nations guided tour pins from the 1970s. When you went on a tour of the UN building back then, they'll give one of these little pins. And next to them is a blue UN coin purse.

I'm guessing this little Solvil Titus keychain ball watch is from the 1960s. It looks pretty cool and you sure won't find anything like this anymore. It's not working but it ought to be fixable. Not really sure how much anything like this is worth. Hey, I bet it'll look great in steampunk cosplay with the gears and all!


Anonymous said...

Sad there wasn't much press coverage of his passing. Loved his fighting skeletons best!

Cavalock said...

Hah, the fighting skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts are my fav too!