Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cavalock and The Mushroom and Beer Batter DIY Kits

Geez, at this rate of not visiting any new eating joints, my dream of becoming a full-fledged, free-meal-guzzling food blogger is falling apart faster than a cheap Happy Meal toy. ;) But I did managed to drop by the new Cold Storage at Plaza Sing, same floor space that used to house the old Carrefour supermarket, and it still kinda does, judging from the number of French groceries that are still sitting on the shelves. Hmmm... I dare say this is probably the largest Cold Storage around, right? Glad to see that they do have some stuff that I have yet to see elsewhere locally. So I'm guessing these mushrooms are sold like that so you can go grow them at home?

Now if you like your fish all beer battered and fried, here's something you can try. Not really my kinda thing but it's not something I have spotted anywhere else. The ol' 'Just-add-beer' is a cooking method you just can't go wrong with and I can definitely see the fun in trying out all kinds of beer.

My 79-year-old Dad has discovered a new nature stomping ground for more bird pix. These bird nest pix were all taken at Hort Park. I asked him if he had seen any of the infamous monkeys around but he didn't. Remember the bird nest in this post? Well, my Dad said that it's gone now cos a bunch of photographers ruined it when they were jostling around for a better shot and started breaking branches and stuff. He also told me that he's getting old and all that camera equipment that he lugs around EVERYDAY is just too heavy now. Might have to sell them off one day as he looks for a lighter alternative.


Anonymous said...

destroying nature for their own means - just typical! Love these new photos though. never knew these birds made such amazing nests - thank you Uncle!

Cavalock said...

Glad you liked the pix. My Dad just spotted a young eagles' nest recently. Will post pix of that another time.