Monday, March 22, 2010

Cavalock and The Home Alone Syndrome

Well, was back in the office today after a week being laid up at home cos of my sprained ankle. And the general consensus was that I hurt myself chasing some girl or didn't see where I was going cos I was looking at some girl, you can see where this is going.

Anyway you would think that being home for an entire week, I would have lots of time to blog but honestly, I didn't really do anything worth blogging about. I still worked from home, on Skype with office, answering emails and watching lots of TV. I like to think that the shows I watch like documentaries and sci-fi series are all part of work.

Geez, so what else did I do? Well, I took pix of my new Iron Man 2 figures, the ones based on the classic comic book series, not the upcoming movies. As usual, grainy pix via iPhone camera.

War Machine was pretty hard to find during the first week. But it's easy now, it's everywhere.

Oh, and speaking of toys, remember my potato chip maker I bought in Tokyo? Well, you can find a very, very similar thing right here now. It's called The Crisp Maker from Let's Cook toys, it's one of those cooking toys that actually work. As you can see from my pix and the toy pix, they both use the same tray to put your potato slices, and then you just microwave them. You can find them at most toy shops like Toys R Us I think, saw them at Takashimaya and Metro toys departments. Man, check out their official site, am pretty tempted to get the cereal bar maker. Hah!

So back to food, managed to snap some more random food pix. Nice dessert to have at home.

A very well-deserved flat white at Plaza Singapura on my first day out.

Then lunch at Tonkichi on Sunday. Best meal all week.

Whew! Managed to grab some stuff on the last day of the Kinokuniya sale.


Stargirl said...

Those toys from Let's Cook would have satisfied my childhood dreams of being a chef. I used to prance around pretending to cook a lot... Where did you get them?

ice said...

You take care yah?

Cavalock said...

stargirl: oh, i forgot to add that. Saw them at Takashimaya and Metro toy departments, think you can find them in most toy shops like Toys r Us too.

ice: thanks!

imp said...

EH! For someone with a sprained ankle, you sure could travel places! Buy heavy books some more! Is the ankle not so bruised this week?

Cavalock said...

Nah, those iron man figures were bought a week ago, before i fell. And i only went out on sat n sun. cut me some slack! <^;^>