Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cavalock and The Ankle Accident

Well, if you have read my Twitter posts you would know that I sprained my ankle Monday night on my way home from People's Park. Missed a step, slipped and almost fell that kinda thing, nothing as dramatic as saving the world or anything like that.

Oh, and this was what I had for dinner minutes before it happened. My first Hakka Yong Tau Foo meal. The only reason I gave it a try was cos there was a long but fast-moving Q, and I remembered watching some TV show bout it. Not bad and the noodles made it very filling.

Anyway, after I slipped, there was this piercing pain and there was no way I could walk anymore so after hopping (literally) onto a bus home, I took a cab to Raffles Hospital A&E ward. No Q at all and I was in and out in a half-hour.

Now on a week's MC and been working from home. Talking on Skype with the guys from LA and our office here. I luv this gig, where else can I send official emails with the word 'werewolves' in them? <^;^>

Since then, I been posting quite a bit on Facebook and gathering quite a fair bit of comments from friends. Thanks for all them crazy comments, some were pretty hilarious. So just cos I have nothing else to write right now, here are my Facebook posts in chronological order.

Just back from raffles hospital. Sprained ankle, bedridden for a week. So who wants to buy me lunch?

So while I was being wheeled in and out of x-ray, i pretended i was Prof. X.....really

So when the doc looked at my x-Ray n said no broken bones, I asked him then why does it hurt so much? Then suddenly I felt like Wolverine with the unbreakable bones...really

So it's like Hitchcock's Rear Window right now except i don't have a telescope, and i still can't walk but i get to look into people's windows while in my jammies. Close enough?

Feels strange watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' while laid up with a sprained ankle, like you wanna yell 'No, I don't' to the TV....

So the original plan WAS to not shave or shampoo for the entire week since I'm gonna be stuck indoors till next week. I mean, I'm not gonna be running around outdoors, sweating rite?

So I wore my Flash t-shirt to the hospital just now for my review. Figured it would be real funny to see a limping guy in a Flash t-shirt. Oh, the irony...


ice said...

Hope you're feeling better. (:

Stargirl said...

ouch...get well soon!

Cavalock said...

hi guys, am ok, thanks!

Too bad Tatsuya doesn't do takeouts! <^;^>