Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Cavalock and The Missing Washpole Patriot?

Well, the lockdown kinda just ended and us vaccinated folks are allowed to eat out again. But the Baker-at-Home and I have yet to make any reservations ... yet. We did order takeaway from Two Men Bagel last week and that was glorious. juicy meaty bagel sandwich while stuck at home was just what we needed. I think even without a lockdown, we do see ourselves ordering more takeaways now. It's like we are conditioned to after over a year of doing takeaways, know what I mean? Too lazy and tired in an ever escalating climate changing environment to want to venture outdoors. Hah!

As for my hobbies, I'm still doing my painting and have just completed over a dozen Stormcast Eternals miniatures over the last couple weeks. And they didn't turn out half bad, if I do say so myself. 

I'm also dipping my into solo historical wargaming with some free print-and-play games. Most of these are small, simple war games that are available online and can be played solo. They come free with rules and PDFs where you are supposed to cut out and do little DIY with maps, cards etc. You would need to come up with some dice and counters or colored markers too. Right now, I'm reading bout the Battle at Kettle Hill (not to be confused with the Battle at Kettle Creek) during the Spanish-American War of 1898. Maybe I'll try to post something bout it in my next post if I can get a play in by then. 

Alright, so if anyone remembers reading my blog during this time of the year, meaning around our National Day, you would recall the my annual Washpole Patriot post. Last year, the year before, back in 2018, then in 2017, well you get the idea, all the way to 2006. But this year, as of right now, I'm not taking a pix even though the Washpole Patriot is up and hanging. Cos there's a wake down at the void deck just below the Washpole and I'm not exactly comfortable taking any pix of that now.


imp said...

i can't believe that the WashPole Patriot is still at it after all these years. Ha! Ahhhh. This consistency is rather reassuring!

Cavalock said...

Exactly, sometimes you just need that constant thing to look forward to. Lol