Friday, July 24, 2020

Cavalock and The Failed Gen Con Expedition

So me and the guys were supposed to be on a flight to the US this week to attend the world's biggest boadrgame convention GenCon but obviously that ain't happening. It would had been me third time attaining the event (2014 and 2016) and this year was gonna really cool cos our old gamer friends who have never been before would be joining us. Oh well, c'est la vie. At least SQ has started the refund process for our tickets. Unfortunately the same can't be said for our domestic flights to Indianapolis.

I thought I'd share a little boardgame that just arrived from local Amazon last week. Read some good reviews about it and it was on sale so why not. Abomination, the Heir of Frankenstein is a worker placement, resource management game with a unique and slightly morbid theme. Set several years after the events in the classic novel Frankenstein, the creature is now in Paris and forcing scientists (the players) to build another creature. Players will then place their scientist and assistants tokens at locations around a map of Paris. Many places to go including the Morgue to acquire bodies or University to give lectures (gain money) or even commit murder in a dark alley for fresh body parts (lost humanity).

It ain't that easy cos you will need to build the individual body parts first. For instance, a Leg will need a certain number of Organs, Muscles, Bones and Blood. These four resources are only available in limited quantities in the random bodies you find. That body you just stole from the Hospital might provide you with only a few Organs and no Blood. Even after getting all the body parts you need, you will need to deliver an electric charge to them to give them LIFE!!!! It's not a short game and the resource management part can be a real brain burner. Then you still have keep an eye out on your Humanity, Reputation and Expertise levels. You'll lose Humanity depending on how you source your cadavers and losing Humanity means losing points at the end of the game, while you need to increase your Expertise cos that means you get smarter and you need to be smart enough to build different body parts like the Head of the creature. So everything's connected and you got to balance them all. If anyone wants to play, let me know. A very challenging yet fun game and I hope to try the solo rules version soon.

Now here's an unexpected find at Marks & Spencer. Ravoili is usually my go-to dish at Italian joints, followed by tortellini and gnocchi, so when we saw this made-in-Italy ricotta and spinach ravioli, we figured why not? Turned out great, blindfold me and I'll probably think I'm in a restaurant! Will very likely grab another pack next time we are there. 

Oh, and you know it's the new normal when after over a decade, the Wash-Pole Patriot suddenly changes his act. Hah!  

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