Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cavalock and The Supreme Sake Surprise

It was our first dinning out experience with friends since the Lockdown (sorta) ended bout a month ago, and the four of us decided on Yakiniku at Osaka Yakiniku DonDon at Tanjong Pagar. My second time there and it was all things meaty meaty meaty once again. Plus the frozen towel, who can resist doing campfire marshmallow scene with that! We had sort ribs, ox tongues and more short ribs.

Some new dishes we had, or at least I had cos the rest had them on previous visits, were the potato salad and cow bowels. Potato salad was good, not that crazy bout the bowels. Too chewy and fatty even for me. And the sake was a winner too. We drank the whole bottle and it was quite possibility the most expensive sake we ever ordered. Was the Kokuryu 2020 and you can read bout it here. But I gotta say it was worth every drop for me at least. Slept like a babe that night and even woke up with more hair on me chest. 

In other news, I found my favourite brush at Bras Basah Complex last week! Since the pandemic and no more flights to Japan this year, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a new brush. I bought this during my last trip to Tokyo and been using it to paint most of the figures during Lockdown. I really like how firm the bristles are and they are more durable other brushes that I have had. I already know what new figures I'll be getting later in the year and figured with all that painting down the road, I'm gonna need another new brush eventually. Really glad I found it at Bras Basah.

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