Saturday, July 31, 2021

Cavalock and The Cottage Pie Catchup

Gosh, things have been rather quiet lately cos of the lockdown which I guess can be a good or bad thing. Good cos nothing new to worry about I guess, gyms are closed so every week's a cheat week! Bad cos here aren't any it can get pretty boring on certain days. Got my games but more into painting my miniatures these last couple weeks instead of playing any solo games. Well, I have been meeting up with two other friends for our regular weekly boardgaming sessions but today was cancelled hence me blogging now. Hah! 

The Baker-at-Home baked a pie last week too. A big hearty cottage beef pie to be exact. Lots of beef fillings and I really dig the cheesy potato top crust although we both felt it could do with a little more mashed potatoes. Had it over two meals.

Some bird pix me Dad took last week in his neighbourhood. He can't trek to places like Sungei Buloh anymore as he's getting old at 87-years old. This here kingfisher would return bout every half hour or hour with for and me Dad would wait from early morning till noon. You can kinda tell when the sun reaches its zenith, it becomes too bright to any pix (I never edit any of his pix). 

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