Friday, July 23, 2021

Cavalock and That Lockdown Plan (Again)

It's the first day of a lockdown! Alright, lets' face it, there's really nothing we can do bout except roll with the punches. No amount of ranting online or offline is going to change anything about this lockdown. Although I do find it rather unbelievable that the authorities didn't know anything about the illegal KTV joints. I mean, folks were already talking bout such joints months ago. They were pretty open bout it. 

Anyway I did managed to at least get one last day at the gym on the day before the lockdown (use the machines!). Expected the place to be little crowded but it wasn't which is good for me, I guess. The Baker-at-Home and I also got to dine at one of our fav Japanese joints, Suju, over at Mandarin Gallery last week. Damn, I really miss their tofu salad. And we had lots of fish too.

We liked it so much that we ordered their bento takeaway on the first day of the Lockdown! She had the black vinegar chicken which she liked a lot, while I had the familiar fav yuzu pork. Yah, that's quite a lot of rice. Hah! 

Just like the previous lockdowns, I'm gonna buckle down with my painting and yesterday I picked up some cheap make-up brushes ($5 for two brushes from Minis) that I'll be using for dry-brushing my miniatures. It's common for miniature painters to use such cheap brushes as they do get the job done, effectively and at a fraction of the price of other expensive brushes. I have at least a couple of dozen models to paint, well, that should take me through the Lockdown I guess.

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