Monday, October 14, 2019

Cavalock and The Many Melon Memories

Melons! You don't travel all the way to Hakodate, Japan and not stuff yourself silly with the tastiest, juiciest melons every chance we could. Single slices like that can be found at every fruit stall especially at the Hakodate Morning Market Square. Compared to the Japanese melons that end up on sale in Singapore, these are pretty big. A slice like that would cost about 400 yen or around SGD$6 while an entire melon about half the size of those in Hakodate would go on sale for SGD$25 to SGD$30 in Singapore. Hmmm, I think I got the numbers right. Bottomline is the Japanese melons you find in Singapore might seem cheaper overall but the melons you buy in Japan are twice the freakin' size!

I didn't order that particular melon ice-cream below but it certainly caught my eye. I did have a regular melon ice-cream on a cone. Last chance for a Japanese melon was on my way home, I simply had to choose the melon dessert on me flight cos I figured they must have stocked up on some genuine Japanese melons before taking off. Hah!

With an aging population like Japan, there are definitely things we can learn from them. Like how they provide reading glasses at public counters. I think that's great cos for the old folks filling up forms at these counters, it's really helpful. Maybe someone here can suggest something similar.

Well, there's something that the folks at Hakodate did learn from us and they aren't shying away from it. Found this street rubbish bin with our familiar Merlion on it, and it seems like from the inscription on it, they sorta admire how clean Singapore is and they wanna emulate it.

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