Friday, October 11, 2019

Cavalock and The Hakodate Hospitality

Yup, another new and unique Japanese Haagen-Dazs flavour means I was back in Japan, less than two weeks after my Tokyo Turmoil Tour with the guys. And also the second time the Baker-at-Home and I are headed to Japan since July. This time, we were spent bout a week over at Hokkaido before heading to Tokyo again. Well, we originally planned to vacation in London but the looming chaos known as Brexit kinda diverted our year-end plans.

So the last time we were in Hokkaido, it was way too cold for us to do much sightseeing so we kinda made a mental note to visit the island again if we could. Our first stop was the very quiet town of Hakodate. Check out that empty street in the middle of the day! So different after having been to Tokyo, can I get used to it? I really dunno.

Isn't this charming? We can grind the complimentary coffee beans right in our room and the local coffee cookies that came with it were damn good too. Since the Baker-at-Home already grinds and filters her own coffee at home on weekends, we kinda looked forward to a bit of afternoon coffee by the comfortable bay window. Oh yah, the Creamy Vanilla Pudding was pretty rich. Thick pudding and quite strong vanilla taste.

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