Thursday, August 29, 2019

Cavalock and The Tokyo Hole Cake

Most folks here are familiar with Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory and their cheesy goodies but I don't they sell 'one hole' cake in Singapore. Yah, couldn't resist the label on the box. Cracked us up. Of cos it's the ever popular baumkuchen, a light layer cake that you can find all over Japan. Bought it all the way back home and it was pretty good.

This was actually our first dinner when we arrived in Tokyo last month. Wasn't cheap but the omakase meal at our hotel was something we been eyeing since our previous trip. Kyubey is a little cosy restaurant in the Keio Plaza Hotel that serves an awesome omakase dinner. From live prawns beaten up and served to us to an almost never-ending parade of outstanding sushi, it was definitely a dinner that we looked forward to after our flight.

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