Thursday, August 01, 2019

Cavalock and The Tasty Tokyo Takeaways Part One

Unlike our previous vacations in Japan, this trip was different in the sense that we did almost no planning. The important thing was trying to take it easy after me foot operation and going there just to chill. We didn't have an extensive shopping list like the time we bought and brought an entire toaster oven back. Hah! We bought a ton of random stuff this time, some turned out to be hidden gems. For instance, these flavoured tea sachets from Starbucks were surprisingly good. I liked the Chai while the Baker-at-Home preferred the Hojicha. I believe they are Japan exclusive and not available outside the country. I think we bought about a dozen back intending to give them out to friends but kinda changed our minds after trying them! Don't fret, they all got boxes of snacks like always.

We also went a little nuts and bought these thermo mugs. Hey, I mean they work and came in real handy but we didn't really needed the big one. Just two of the smaller ones would had been better. Another thing we brought back home was this delicious apple pie! We also ogled at lots of pineapple desserts with the familiar seasonal fruit hailing from Okinawa. Unfortunately every time we walked past them we were just too full to stop for a bite.

Damn, no matter how many times I been to Japan, I'll still always be enthralled by the different kinds of booze they have and also how cheap they are, compared to how much they are going for back in Singapore.

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