Sunday, July 21, 2019

Cavalock and The Tokyo Recuperation Vacation

Hey, lookit that! It's a post bout the new Haagen-Dazs flavours in the Japan and that can only mean we were back in Tokyo again! We kinda needed a break from me recovering from me operation if that makes sense. I guess after being bedridden and home bound for two whole months, me and the Baker-at-Home just felt that we wanted to get out, like really really out of the country. Heh.

I really really wanted to have that Cherry Custard Pie ice cream but was either too full or didn't walk back past any convenience store! Cherry Custard Pie!!! I can't imagine how that's gonna taste but I really regretted not having it. Hah!

Lychee and Raspberry sounded interesting too. But ya gonna remember ya ain't young anymore, eating all that ice-cream can't be good for ya.

Even though it's the start of summer here in Tokyo, the weather wasn't exactly hot and sunny. It was the opposite as in being rainy and cloudy although temperature-wise it was great, hovering around the lower 20s. Fortunately the rain was light and powdery, a slight drizzle here and there that didn't hinder the vacation at all.

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