Monday, May 20, 2019

Cavalock and The Return to Normalcy Diet

It's exactly two months since my operation and I'm off my 'confinement' or maternity diet. Yay for me, seafood here I come. The guys treated me to something that I was sorely missing as I gingerly limped my way to my first food centre in ages, at Geylang Bahru food centre. Crabs, prawns, clams, pork bits, how I miss them. This how a new mother feels after her confinement?

It was a weekend of overdue feasting as the next day the Baker-at-Home and I had dinner at Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine over at Tanjong Pagar. First having their pomfret porridge, wish there were more pomfret in there. But it was still much needed comfort food so no complaints.

So many models to paint, so little time. Got to paint a model I bought in London last year. First time painting a figure with facial hair, hope I got it right. It's the Primaris Librarian, a powerful space marine with physic powers. He'll be part of my Blood Angels Kill Team once I managed to remember the rules again. And yah, I keep a messy workbench.

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