Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cavalock and The Home-Cooked Goodness Post

Stuck at home and looking though all my vacation stuff I acquired over the years, these certainly stood out. Free fans from all our trips to Japan. Free fans that are handled out at street corners in Japan during summer. There's even one that we got from a fancy restaurant that we had lunch at. We were extremely fortunate to have vacationed in Japan twice last year but this year fingers crossed, depending on when I can walk again, we'll see if we get to return to Tokyo or not.

Still no restaurant food or anything that requires a waiter taking my order, or even a millennial in a costume delivering food to me. So every few weeks, the Baker-at-Home goes to this Japanese lady's apartment with a buncha Japanese housewives for a home cooking class. They'll have lunch there and I'll have whatever leftovers for dinner later that evening when she gets home. No fancy sushi or ramen dishes, just some home-cooked goodness, the kind most housewives prepare for their salarymen, I guess. That there pix below is one me leftover dinners. Mouth-watering spread of Japanese bagadil, simmered fish and salad.

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