Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cavalock and The Clasp Lock Lockdown

With less than a month to go, looks like everyone is getting into the Chinese New Year mood already. Spotted this new Haagen-Dazs flavour in town. Not a huge fan of sorbets no matter the flavour or occasion. But I can imagine folks serving this to kids during Chinese New year visits. So I guess people will buy it.

Here's something new or at else new to me and my friends who are also Nespresso drinker. Apparently Coffee Bean outlets here are selling their own capsules "For use in Nespresso Brewing Systems". I didn't know they did that! S$6.80 a tube. I'll remember to maybe grab a tube or two the next time I run out of them. Or unless someone tells me they suck. Hah!

Saw this at my neighbourhood hardware store. Dunno why but I'm like totally mesmerised by it. There's something old school about it and they so organised ... so so organised. Makes me wanna break the glass and just start flipping them all. They. need. to. be. unclasped.

Damn it! It's always posts like these that stop me from becoming one them fancy influencers!

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