Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Cavalock and The Oxley Flapjack Fascination

Happy New Year Everybody!

If only we had something like this back when we were all living in the old family home. A Kith Cafe opened up at Winsland House along Oxley Road late last year. It's a nice little joint just a short walk down from where we used to live, where we can now all enjoy a breakfast of toast, eggs and pancakes. I know my late uncle would have loved a place like this. He spent half his life working and living in the US, and I remember how he would look forward to a ...er... non-local meal more than once. Hah!

I have never visited a Kith outlet before even though they are apparently almost everywhere. Now their light fluffy pancakes are what I would gleefully look forward to on weekend mornings. Just two pancakes, not too filling and just the way I like them. And their honey ginger chai is pretty damn good too. That ginger also kinda gives you a little morning kick.

Another thing that I noticed near my old family home is the traffic light across the road from Winsland House now has a 'Stop' button! Well, it actually had it about a year ago but for decades, it never had one. After all these years, the power is now back in the hands of the people! Well, I mean it's kinda obvious why it couldn't have a bleeding 'Stop' button cos it's at the Oxley junction where I can imagine a certain previous resident would rather his entourage not hit the brakes for the likes of us?

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