Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cavalock and The Rainbow Tim Sum Bemusement

Back to Jalan Alor and it's still every bit as bustling as the last time I was there several years ago. Couple things we noticed that seemed new to me. First up, you'll noticed a lot of Burmese migrant workers manning the stalls, kinda like how we got the China workforce here I guess. Other thing worth mentioning is the below rainbow tim sum trend that I'm seeing for the first time. More than a few stalls selling them although I didn't try any. Methinks a wee bit gimmicky perhaps? It was the first time at Jalan Alor for the Baker-at-Home and we both kinda agreed that as attractive as the food is, we could give the street a pass if we visit the city again. Not a repeat-visit for us as we would much rather explore the area for other venues.

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