Monday, December 11, 2017

Cavalock and The After Dinner Drinks Aspiration

Who knew this would happen to us? Never saw this coming but we became the kinda holiday couple who hangs out at bars after dinner. Hah! I think it's maybe a sign of old age or something, it definitely wasn't because we were bored. Perhaps it's an evolution of one's travel habits from squirrelling back cheap supermarket food to the hotel to dining at fancy restaurants to appreciating after dinner drinks at watering holes in exotic lands.

Well, that's what we did every night in Kuala Lumpur last week, at The Tokyo Restaurant's bar at KL's Isetan The Japan Store to be exact. We read about their famous cheesecake and knew we just had to have it for our dessert that night. It certainly deserved every praise. Extremely light and luxuriously delicious, making it very tempting for us to order a second slice.

Why the need to rush back to our room when we could be resting on bar stools and taking it easy in a foreign city? During the day, we walked to their Kinokuniya book store at KLCC and damn! that has got to be the biggest Kinokuniya I have ever been to, even larger than the ones I visited in Japan. Huge bookstore means lotsa books! Spent almost 2 hours there and noticed some nuggets in their fiction selection that were sorely missing at our local stores.

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