Thursday, October 01, 2015

Cavalock and The Izakaya Replication

From my feeble attempts to pen a buncha stories, geeky gaming events and eating out, it sure was a crazy busy birthday month. One of the highlights was the baker-at-home hosting a Japanese dinner for her girlfriends at our tiny little apartment. Most of the food were purchased from Meidi-Ya with desserts from Dulcet & Studio, all at Liang Court. The rest were delivered by Zairyo or prepared by the baker-at-home.

It was an opportunity to finally whip out the cool Japanese table mats we bought at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo months ago as well as using the (almost) 100-year-old European shot glasses and whiskey glasses from the old family home. Nice to at last put the lot of them to good use. The idea was to make it like a night out at a isakaya or Japanese bar.

Now the above is my attempt to recreate one of my favourite dishes, the Nogizaka specialty that I had at a Tokyo izakaya in August. The ingredients were more or less all there. Not exactly a bad recreation IMHO.

I like to think that everyone had a great time cos I did enjoy playing host (and dishwasher). A totally entertaining night of good food and great friends.

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