Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cavalock Explores Magic in The Middle Ages

Quick round-up of some new grocery goodies I spotted at Meidi-Ya last week. Star Wars cereal sure makes me wish I was a kid again, only problem is I don't think it comes with a toy (like all cereals should!). :( Or if you prefer, there's always the more nutritious version for adults. Never seen this Country Store variety in other supermarkets before.

And now this. So earlier this year I went and took an online course on something I have always been interested in ever since I was a kid. From medieval knights to witchhunts to magical jinn, I just can't get enough from devouring stories about them and I'm not even going to start on my collection of fantasy themed games. Well, I now have a piece of paper which states that I know more about Magic in the Middle Ages than the average Shenton Way office drone. I do I can see it coming in handy when I'm putting together some stories in the very near future.

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