Monday, October 05, 2015

Cavalock and The Fluttershy Experiment

The baker-in-the-house was pretty busy over the last couple of weeks turning out cupcake and cookie orders. Now I ain't a My Little Pony fan at all but I thought these really looks good. After we got the request for a little girl's birthday party, the baker-in-the-house headed immediately online to research the colors and design of the character, Fluttershy. She especially wanted to get the eyes right.

As always, every Fluttershy butter cookie piece was painstakingly hand-painted. Lots of attention to detail cos that's what she does best. Hope we got the right shade of pink and yellow too. *whew*

And now this. Hey, the baker-in-the-house ain't the only creative person around here! ;) Presenting my prize-winning Lego early 20th-century seance scene! Submitted it to an online Lego creation contest last month and won me a small limited edition Lego winter box set.

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