Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cavalock and The Wedgwood Dinner Sale

What an insanely exhausting last couple of weeks! Been criss-crossing the island running a never-ending torrent of errands. One tiny bit of good news is knowing that Baker and Cook has opened a new store just one train stop away from my tiny apartment.

Since their new Bugis outlet at Intercontinental Singapore closes rather early at around 7pm, I managed to sneak in 6.30pm last week for a light dinner. No complaints about their salmon quiche and complimentary dessert. As they open at 8am, I got my sights set on having breakfast there hopefully soon when things have settled down a little.
One of the things I have finally gotten around to doing is clearing my late uncle's residence, not to be confused with the old family home. Found this cache of vintage Wedgwood plates and bowls neatly wrapped in newspapers in a box in my late uncle's kitchen. There are three large plates, six smaller ones and two bowls. Excellent condition and never been used. I have absolutely no space in my tiny apartment for them so I'm selling them all as a single lot for only S$300. Made in the U.K. you sure won't find them in stores here anymore. You'll be the star of your next Downton Abby fan club dinner party! So if you like what you see, leave a comment with your details or drop me an email.

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