Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cavalock and The Lustrous London Loot

From Pierre Herme's famous macarons to the fabled honeyed truffles to the elusive terrine of wild boar, my fridge was stocked to the brim with these goodies that the baker at home brought back form her 2-week London vacation last month. The last time I checked I think we only managed to finish one-third of all that. We managed to cook up a bit of a storm over the next few days since her return, like pasta dishes with anchovies and olives from Borough Market followed by all kinds of fancy cheese dipped in honey.

And yup, I got pressies too! A Lego fan book, more Daleks to add to my collection and a 5-month(?) supply of Molton Brown.

While she was away last month, I also managed to download more pix that my 82-year-old Dad took with his new camera. I swear I have absolutely no idea how an elderly man can spend hours outdoors in this crazy weather. Anyway so he sold his old Canon body last month for the newer EOS 7DII and here are some shots he took with it.

And check out my favourite shot below!!! Yah, that definitely looks like a little pink mouse!!! <^;^>


tuti said...

your dad is superbly good with his camera. hard to imagine such lovely birds on our little island.

Cavalock said...

Thank you! Most of his recent shots were taken at our Bird Park so that would kinda explain the more exotic birds. ;)