Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Cavalock and The Home-Baked Edition

As always, there was a flurry of activity in our tiny apartment kitchen over the last few weeks. From iced cookies to our first attempt at baking a Japanese cheesecake, our overworked Kitchen Aid mixer hardly had time to take a breather.

So someone we knew was having an under-the-sea themed kids party and the baker in the house came up with this selection of hand-painted mermaid butter cookies and vanilla cupcakes. We heard that everyone at the party absolutely loved them ...

... alright, so maybe Aquaman wasn't all that pleased.

So what you are looking at below is our second attempt (a day after the first attempt) at baking a Japanese cheesecake. Now a Japanese cheesecake is not as heavy or cheesy as a typical American cheesecake. In fact, it's rather fluffy and almost like a soufflé. Was good but definitely with room for improvement.

It ain't Christmas yet but we started the festivities early for one reason and one reason only. Yup, we emptied seven full bottles of Barcardi Gold rum (only the good stuff!) for our annual Christmas fruitcake bake. Hope everyone likes them!

And just as I was about to finish this post, look what came in the mail today! Fingers crossed that there'll be at least a couple of Star Wars cookie requests next year when Episode Seven hits the big screen.

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