Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cavalock and The Fiorentina Flashback

When I first heard of La Barca Ristorante last week, it immediately brought back memories of my trip to Tuscany which certainly felt like a lifetime ago. Their tagline promised "a taste of Tuscany in Singapore" so I figured why not give it a shot?

Was there on a weekday night and the joint was almost deserted which is fine with me as I actually prefer this to a packed noisy restaurant. Started with a plate of cold cuts and cheeses like Burrata and Pecorino, followed by a couple of pizzas, one of which they forgot the parma ham topping. Anyway, they were alright but nothing really worth writing home about.

Now this is what I came for. Their much-hyped traditional Fiorentina and I gotta say it sure as hell felt like I was back in freakin' Florence again. Yup, transported back via a mouthful of the finest piece of beefsteak around. So what we had was the traditional Fiorentina with truffle sauce, served with roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach. The Wagyu beef from Australia comes with a marbling score of 3 - 4 and is served medium rare. Really impressed at how soft and tender the beef was and they even had a hot plate if you like it a little more well done. I definitely didn't need that at all as I felt the medium rare was perfect in every way. Totally recommended for all meat lovers.

So after my last medical checkup, I have been working out a bit and a friend recommended I get a fitness bracelet to monitor my daily walking routine and ... this is the cool part! ... tracking my sleeping patterns. Yah, I read the literature on them and there are plenty out there that are pretty skeptical bout how accurate they are. But I'm cool with it. I got the UP by Jawbone and it was on sale at S$159 cos a newer more expensive Bluetooth model was just released. Paid for it using my Citibank points so it was quite a sweet deal at just S$59.

The darker blue bars are when I was in deep or sound sleep while the lighter ones denote light sleep. The orange periods are when I was awake. I think they are quite accurate as I do remember getting up at around those times. I guess it's kinda fun to wake up every morning to see how well you slept the previous nite. Check out my crazy sleep pattens!!!

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