Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cavalock goes Back on The Neighbourhood Breakfast Trail

With all the new cafes and hipster coffee joints opening in my neighbourhood of Jalan Besar and Arab Street, breakfast out can be quite an expensive affair especially if you are a big breakfast guy like me. Heard about this relatively new joint along Kandahar Road called Dong Po Colonial Cafe and decided to drop by for a late breakfast a few days ago.

They had that retro shanghai vibe and decor going. I got nothing against that as I don't usually let a restaurant's deco influence my dining experience, yah, I guess that's another reason why I can never be a food blogger. Gosh, ah hear them food bloggers devote a whole lotta big fancy words just to describe the inside of a deli, youse know what ah mean?

Anyway I rather enjoyed my late morning breakfast. The bread butter pudding would fill any mere mortal's stomach but I always knew I was more than that so I had the above kaya toast as well as 2 eggs and a cuppa tea. There's also the almond french toast and a little tea cake which I was told you eat by dipping it in coffee. Total cost was just a little over S$12 for a hearty traditional local breakfast for two, still slightly cheaper than heading to McDonald's. Seeing all that tasty pastries in the showcase is a sure way of getting me over again for another visit in the very near future.

Been a while since I posted any of my 80-year-old Dad's wildlife shots. Besides the Bird Park, he has been hanging out at the Botanic Gardens too. Some friends have suggested that I sell some of his shots as prints, would anyone be interested in them if I do?

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