Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cavalock and The Fred Flintstone Delicacy

Remember all those vintage jello moulds I found in the old family home? Well, I uncovered another classic mould and this one I definitely remember from my childhood. It's a Fred Flintstone jello mould! Although I don't think kids today know who he is and that's just plain sad. I think I got it from a 1980 cereal box. Well, naturally I did the only thing possible and that's to make more jello, this time using the moulds that I didn't use previously.

Tried some blueberry flavoured jello which turned out rather strong. Next time I'll use a lighter coloured jello too as you can't really the outline here. Still a yabba dabba doo moment! See the little seeds in one of the jellos, that's actually chia seeds and not the traditional kiwi seeds. Yah, that's my little version of a healthy snack. <^;^>

Speaking of snacks, I still got more pix from my last visit to Meidi-ya on more groceries that you usually can't find elsewhere on the island. I believe that's some smartphone app game tie-in with Pocky and I just think that 'eat you' pix is the best. The Marmite and Guinness crisps were mighty enticing until I remembered I'm more a Brovil kinda guy. Just add milk, instant cereal bowls for those who without bowls?


Bern said...

your vintage jelly moulds r the cutest!!!!

Cavalock said...

THANKS! Someone actually wanted to buy them but I said I wanna make some jello first! ;)