Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cavalock and The Retro Sale Showcase

Hey it's the New Year and I thought it's a good idea to start on a healthy note. Recently I have been having my lunch dates at Real Food at Killiney Road. I gotta admit I was kinda reluctant at first but after some coaxing and since it's also only a short stroll from my old family home, I figured why not try it out at least once. And guess what? I honestly liked it.

Alright so I chose the most familiar thing on the menu, that being the mushroom celery penne pasta, cos I still ain't exactly into all them healthy organic stuff yet. I heard their daily brown rice set is a great deal but me and brown rice ain't ever gonna be the best of friends. So anyway, this is good pasta and I have had good pasta before so trust me on this. The flavors are all there, it's tasty and I guess the best part is it's healthy too. It's now one of my regular lunch joints whenever I'm in the neighborhood.

And speaking of the old family home, I have finally started putting some of the stuff for sale on my Facebook. Here are some of them. Drop me a line if you see anything you like.

Here’s an old family jewelry chest (L 33cm, W 24cm, H 11cm) that’s at least 40 years old. Bought it from CK Tangs for about $70 back then. Great lacquer finishing with some very attractive Chinese motif carvings.  I don’t think you can find anything like that now. The inside needs some cleaning and polishing up although a bit of an upholstery might be in order. However the concealed bottom section of the box has a broken/torn strap. You can always replace the interior but it’s the outside carvings and finishing that really gives this box that unique vintage look. Price is S$60. I think that’s a pretty good deal since we paid more for it 40 years ago.

When my late uncle was working in the US back in the early 1970s till 1980s, he brought back a ton of stuff including publications like these New York City guides. These are as 70s retro as you can get, including maps (remember the days when we all loved Exxon!) and guides with descriptions of various New York landmarks. All are still in really good condition except for the two larger magazines that have a tiny cut out page each. Am selling all five publications for only S$10.

Here’s a complete set of Britain’s First Decimal Coins from 1971. It’s a set of five uncirculated coins housed in a plastic wallet with a Royal Mint information card. A quick check on the Internet shows a set like is going for about £5 but the official value of the coins is around £30. Here’s your chance to own a little bit of British history. Pip pip tally ho and all that!  Am selling the set at a low price of only S$5.

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