Friday, January 11, 2013

Cavalock and The Grocery Grabfest

Has it been more than a month since I stalked down the aisles of my favorite supermarket? Yup, sure looks like it judging by the number of new stuff I found on the shelves at Meidi-Ya today. As always, it's like finding myself in another country cos there's a whole bunch of stuff in here that you just don't find in all them other neighborhood supermarkets.

The booze section never disappoints me although I was surprised to see these. Never knew the Japanese are so into the Chinese Zodiac too. Check out the above cool snakey sake bottles. Then we have a new beer flavor from Kirin, it says "Sparkling Hop" and apparently it's hop from Middle Earth aka New Zealand. Seriously why not? Middle-Earth beer it is! Plus it already has a mythological creature on the can! It's green and I see elves drinking it!

Snacks galore! Sugar rush! Cereal crunch! Cheese sleaze! ... you get the idea ...

Finally, these bake-it-yourself kits! Sure don't remember seeing these anywhere else. Pretty neat eh? They got all the ingredients in there including the canned ones.


bookjunkie said...

I was so tempted by the Fudge Kit.

Cavalock said...

so did you get it? Hope to read bout it if you did. ;)