Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cavalock and The Collagen Comedy of Errors

Ever had one of those days when you stepped into a ramen joint, expecting a hot bowl of ramen and was served a steaming pot of bubbly collagen instead? Well, guess who did. ;) Yup. When I stepped into Tsukada Nojo at the new Plaza Singapura wing a couple weeks ago for lunch, I was treated to a really tasty bowl of chicken ramen. But it's a little different from the other ramen joints as you can see below, you gotta add yer own chicken pieces, egg and spring onions to the broth. But hey, no complaints cos it was great.

That ramen was so good that I decided to drop by a couple days ago and have it again for dinner. We arrived just before 6pm and the place was already packed. Sat down, was handed the menu, flipped through it only to discover that *yikes* dinnertime is collagen time! Ramen was only for lunch and it's all about their Bijun Nabe or collagen chicken steamboat dish for dinner. It was a Homer Simpson "D'oh" moment. It was also too embarrassing to walk out since we were already seated in our booth. So despite a heavy 'Pepperlunch' lunch mere hours ago, we manned up and got ready to say good-bye to wrinkles and maybe even look 10 years younger by the end of the meal!

Here's how the collagen looks like when it's served. Oh, and below all that 'tau huay'-looking collagen are 4 pieces of chicken. So after a few minutes, it all melts ( the collagen, not the chicken) and you can get an incredibly tasty chicken broth. Extremely rich and flavorful. Quite possibility the best I ever tasted in a long while.

Then you got all them other meat and veggies to drop into the steaming hot pot of melted collagen as well as your choice of noodles. BTW, this is a set meal for two. No table for one for dinner. Remember kids, there's no 'i' in collagen.

There's even a guide on the correct sequence to add all that stuff to your yummy pot of collagen! Do it the wrong way and suffer the culinary consequences!!! Anyway it was a very satisfying meal and I'll just remember to have a light lunch before my next visit. 

And speaking of chickens, here's my latest Lego minifigure! It's a guy in a chicken suit and he's now stuck on my iPhone!

Now everybody wants to be in the chicken suit, even Frankenstein's Monster.


achay said...

Where to buy the chicken suit? It's cool

Cavalock said...

At Lego shops, $4.90 each from series 9 but its tikam. You won't know what's inside.