Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cavalock and The Vintage Cheongsam Collection

Looks like Orchid Hotel or 1 Tras Link is shaping up to be my new food haunt. While on my way to Two Blur Guys for a second visit, I decided to make a last minute change to my dinner plans and slipped into the neighboring and very cosy-looking Teppei Japanese Restaurant.

This is a really small joint. As in so small that they only have counter seats and seriously that's how I like my Japanese restaurants. A long time ago, whenever I have a !$%&?/*# day at work, I would head to a Japanese restaurant, plant myself at the counter and order a serving of cold soba and sashimi. Well, that's a lifetime ago...

Anyway, I was glad I made the dinner switch. Ordered a side order of Hokke at S$15, not bad. Fish was nicely fried to just the right degree of "crisp and clear" flavor. Main dish was a full bowl of Bara Chirashi Rice, also at S$15. Really huge pieces of tuna and other sashimi. But the star of the evening has got to be the Squid Butter Teppan at S$12. Ah man, the beautiful chewy squidy texture plus the buttery goodness all just came together in an explosive symphony in my mouth.

With Two Blur Guys and Teppei side-by-side, that's more than enough excuses to drop by Orchid Hotel again.

A little update on the status of my late mom's vintage cheongsams from the 50s and 60s. Local designer Audrey from The Girl's Kasksh was kind enough to prop up some of the cheongsams and snap a couple shots of them for me.

Check out these measurements!

Bust - 32"
Waist - 21"
Hips - 31"

That's the smaller one, the "bigger" one is:

Bust - 32"
Waist - 22"
Hips - 32"

Seriously, are there any 21st century young adult women with those measurements?!?


red fir said...

"the beautiful chewy squidy texture plus the buttery goodness all just came together in an explosive symphony in my mouth"

Very descriptive indeed. I declare you a food blogger HA!

Your mom has got such a puny waist! 21 inch during normal days and 22 inch on "fatter" days geez.

Cavalock said...

I'm just waiting for my free meals and invites now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Those Cheongsams are beautiful! Do you have any pictures of your mum in them? I am starting my personal collection of Cheongsams now and plan to one day start wearing them everyday :)

Cavalock said...

Thanks for dropping by! I believe my late mom and aunt were very young when they wore them so don't think i have any pix. ;)

bookjunkie said...

Your mums cheongsams absolutely exquisite :) what a tiny waist too.

Cavalock said...

Thanks! my mom was pretty petite ;)

Winnie Fan said...

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