Saturday, August 04, 2012

Cavalock and The Japanese Lunch Roulette

When I'm in town on a weekday afternoon, I would usually try to drop by Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant at Cuppage Plaza for lunch. It's not just the good food and a very economical price tag of just S$10, but it's the chance to play food roulette! Cos the S$10 daily set lunch changes everyday and I won't know what's available until I get there.

The place is always packed during lunch and so far I have had the unagi set, the sashimi set, the oden set and last Friday was my first fried chicken or karaage set. Frankly I'm not a big fan of Japanese fried chicken so this set didn't really do it for me. Here's hoping that it'll be sashimi or the oden set the next time I'm there. 

With all my errands and taking care of the elderly relatives etc., its been like a month since I been back to Meidi-Ya supermarket. So here's a little update of the new stuff I spotted starting with ner Japanese beer! Always favorite of mine but I was on my way to play some games so I didn't pick any up.

In time for the Olympics? Here's a very Brit item in the cold section. You know something ... I actually don't remember ever having toffee pudding before but like I said earlier, I was on my way to gaming session so decided not to pick up any groceries.

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