Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cavalock and The Very Happy Monkey

There's a new Japanese restaurant in town and it's situated right next to my fav Japanese supermarket. How could I not check out Yayoiken that's right next to Meidi-Ya supermarket at Liang Court?

Have actually been there twice and both times I ordered the Buta Yakiniku (pork) set meal (yah I know, boring) cos it was really good. Now the first time I had it, they apparently forgot to give me the dipping sauce. Oh, the above pix is from my second visit. Now I didn't know there was supposed to be any dipping sauce and I did remarked how much nicer it would be if they some dipping sauce. But having each mouthful of pork slice together with some bean sprout, that was the solution. The crunchy beans and tender pork made a truly tasty combo.

Now when I was there the second time, they gave me dipping sauce but I found it a little too sweet so I simply stuck with my bean sprouts and pork combo. Not bad for a S$9.90 set meal. A tie with my other favorite pork set meal.

And since I was at Meidi-Ya, here are some of new stuff I spotted on their shelves. Bailey's (non-alcoholic) flavored coffee creamers! Saw them in the food mags that downloaded a couple months ago but first time seeing them here. There's also some new popcorn from the US, they look very tempting too but I didn't buy any. :P

It's Father's Day and although I don't usually celebrate Father's or Mother's Day in my family (my late Mom always said 'Everyday's Mother's Day so don't need a special day'), I thought I'll just showcase some of the latest wildlife pix my 77 year-old Dad took over the last couple of weeks.

Believe it or not, we do have quite a healthy eagle population here on the island. More of my Dad's pix here and here. Oh, and here's the very happy monkey in the title!


achay said...

monkey male or female?

Cavalock said...

Easy Andrew, take your clothes off, stand naked in front of the mirror and see if there's any resemblance ;)