Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cavalock and The Return of The Omakase Order

Two omakase meals in a year? Oh yah, it's a new record cos usually it's one in like, 'never' years? Back at Hinoki at China Square Central but this time almost everything's different.

For starters, was there on a packed Saturday nite instead of a quiet weekday dinner like the last time. Reservations definitely needed on weekends. Had a table for four instead of a counter seats too so that's kinda new too.

Told the big guy Gary that I wanted more sushi and sashimi. Then I sat back with a cold beer and waited for the parade to begin. Maybe it's just luck but almost everything I had this time was different from the last which is a good thing I mean. No repeats and all that.

Since it was full house, the food took a little longer to arrive but since I had some really good company that night, the time just flew.

They were rather generous with the truffle oil during my previous visit. Well, they still do as I caught more than a whiff of it exuding from the above baked fish and at least one other dish. No major complaints just a bit getting used to some people I guess.

Oh, and all the dishes came in the order you see here in the pix, from top to bottom, like after the fish you got a nice little oyster dish.

Followed by yet another oyster, this time resting gently in my chawanmushi. The below serving of beef that came next was extraordinary tender. Maybe it was wagyu? I dunno, I forgot to ask.

Then came sushi and more sushi. All in all, another very excellent omakase meal. Oh yah, I had the green tea ice cream instead of the grape-flavored one like last time. A better choice I thought.


red fir said...

Food looked better the last time I thought. What are the yellow flat thingies in the second picture?

Cavalock said...

oh, that's the's very light tofu and behind that is the ice plant (again).