Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cavalock and The Case of The Mysterious Emotional Restaurants

With hardly any time to try out any new joints, I figured I'll look back at one of my old posts, exactly five years to this day, another Sunday the 3rd of June and what was I blogging about? Oh yah, brunch at Glaze. Geez, been ages since I been there, not an easy place to go to without a set of wheels.

I thought I'll just share some 'interesting' pix I snapped over the last week. Hope they at least bring a smile or two. <^;^>

A Japanese magazine at Kinokuniya, I have no idea what an 'emotional' restaurant is but I sure would like to see the menu

Yes, for a mere S$100 you can get frozen foie gras at our local supermarkets 

Don't you wish real traffic cops ride bikes like these?

Am sure there's a message-in-a-bottle reference somewhere in there

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